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Bruce F. Kawin

Bruce Kawin is Professor of English and Film at CU Boulder; he is rostered in the English Department, where he has been teaching since 1975, and also teaches in the Film Studies Program. He received an A.B. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia (1967), an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Filmmaking from Cornell (1969), and a Ph.D. in Modern British and American Literature and Film Aesthetics from Cornell (1970). He has written several books of film and literary theory, including Telling It Again and Again, Mindscreen, and The Mind of the Novel. He has also written three books on Faulkner’s screenplays and two film textbooks. Every few years he updates a widely used textbook, A Short History of the Movies (co-authored by the late Gerald Mast). He is currently writing a book on the horror film, Dreams of Blood, and has just published a book of poems, Love If We Can Stand It. His special interests include film history, screenwriting, genre study, modern literature (poetry, prose, and drama), and comparative literature.