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Stephen Graham Jones

Professor Stephen Graham Jones, as of summer 2010, has seven books out — one collection and six novels — with three novels and one more collection forthcoming over the next four years. He also has a hundred and twenty or so short stories published, from literary journals to truck-enthusiast magazines, from textbooks to best-of-the-year anthologies and annuals. Jones has been an NEA Fellow, a Texas Writers League Fellow, and has won the Texas Institute of Letters Award for Fiction and the Independent Publishers Multicultural Award. His areas of interest, aside from fiction writing, are horror, science fiction, fantasy, film, comics, pop culture, technology, and American Indian Studies. Jones received his BA in English and Philosophy from Texas Tech University (1994), his MA in English from the University of North Texas (1996), and his PhD from Florida State University (1998). Jones’ current projects are the third complete do-over of a zombie novel he hopes to infect the world with, co-writing a young adult novel, and trying to figure out how to sleep less.