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Guillermo Solano-Flores

Dr. Guillermo Solano-Flores is Associate Professor of Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language at the School of Education of the University of Colorado, Boulder. A psychometrician by formal training, he specializes in educational measurement, assessment development, and the linguistic and cultural issues that are relevant to both international test comparisons and the testing of linguistic minorities. His work focuses on the development of alternative, multidisciplinary approaches that address linguistic and cultural diversity in the development of tests and instructional materials in science and mathematics. As part of his research work, he develops psychometric and testing models that are consistent with current theories in sociolinguistics. He has conducted research on test translation, test localization, test review, the development of science and mathematics assessments for elementary schools, the construction of tools for generating science and mathematics tasks, the design of software for computer-assisted scoring, and the development of assessments for the certification of arts and science teachers. He is principal investigator in several NSF-funded projects that investigate the intersection of psychometrics and linguistics in the testing of linguistically diverse populations. He has provided advice to Latin American countries in their efforts to develop national assessment systems. Recent consultant activities include his participation in the development of the National Assessment of Educational Progress 2009 Science Framework, providing advice on strategies for the testing of linguistic minorities, and his work as a principal evaluator of English language development tests mandated by No Child Left Behind legislation.