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Nabil Echchaibi

Assistant Professor Nabil Echchaibi joined CU in 2007. He specializes in identity politics among young Muslims in the Arab world and in diaspora. His work on diasporic media and the massification of religious authority through the proliferation of Islamic media has appeared in various international publications such as Javnost, International Communication Gazette, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Nations and Nationalism, Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, Media Development. Dr. Echchaibi is currently working on a manuscript on transnational Islamic communication and the impact of satellite television and social media on religious authority, Muslim self-agency, and the prospect of a global Muslim civil society. His book “Voicing Diasporas: Ethnic Radio in Paris and Berlin Between Culture and Renewal” (Lexington Books) was published in 2011. His co-edited book “International Blogging : Identity, Politics and Networked Publics” (Peter Lang) was published in 2009. Echchaibi has been directing a project funded by the Social Science Research Council, which will compile a cultural history of Muslims in the Mountain West region. The project will produce an interactive web resource and a documentary film. Prior to joining CU, He taught at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland, where he helped set up the international communication department, the University of Louisville and Indiana University-Bloomington. A native of Morocco, Echchaibi earned his BA from Mohammed V University in Rabat and his MA and PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington. He is currently the associate director of the Center of Media, Religion, and Culture at the University of Colorado-Boulder. For more information visit his website at follow him on Twitter: @nechchai.