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Laser Cutting and Crafting

Update We will be suspending all laser cutting and crafting services through the end of July. Please check back in August for further information.

Now Available!

Using a powerful blue CO2 laser, we can cut through or etch into various materials, ranging from cardboard to wood, and even certain metals. The process is fast and fun to watch. For less intensive projects, we also have a crafting machine, perfect for cutting, scoring, or drawing on textiles and other soft goods. Stop by or contact the Tech Department supervisor, Robert, at (303) 492-4309 for more information.

Glowforge Engraving Charge Standard Material Charge Non-Standard Material Charge
Quarter Sheet $5 $5 $5
Half Sheet $7.50 $7.50 $10
Full Sheet $10 $15 $20

Cricut Set-Up Material
Fee $1 Per Cut $1 Per 12" Sheet

Please contact the Tech Department supervisor, Robert, at 303-492-4309 for more information.

Feel free to do some research on our machines and their capabilities:

Cricut Crafting Machine

Glowforge Laser Cutter and Etcher