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Happy Students

Welcome CU Buffs! The CU Book Store is your one-stop resource for all your course material needs, plus a convenient place for snacks, Buff gear, school supplies, computer products, gifts and more! All proceeds benefit the University of Colorado Boulder, not a corporation.

New Student Information

Be sure to check out our New Student Welcome Booklet for more information

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Textbooks are Expensive - Here are a Few Money Saving Tips

  1. Place a textbook pre-order: Placing a textbook pre-order with the CU Book Store is the fast, easy and convenient way to get all of the correct course materials for your classes guaranteed. All you need is your IdentiKey. You can choose your preference of rental, used or new books when placing a pre-order and you will receive an email when your books are ready for pick up, the weekend before classes start or they can be shipped to the location of your choice. By pre-ordering you will also receive alerts if your professors add additional course materials to your classes after your order has been processed.​

  2. Shop early and rent, or buy used textbooks: The CU Book Store stocks every book for every class. Used, new and select digital books are available and you can choose to rent used or new books. Rent textbooks to save money! The CU Book Store rents as many textbooks as possible to keep your costs down. Nine out of ten books are available for rent at the CU Book Store and you can highlight and make notes in rental books from the CU Book Store. We want you to succeed! If you rent a book and decide to keep it, no problem! Textbooks can be purchased at the end of the term for the difference between the rental and retail prices- no additional fees! Please make sure to check-in your rental books on time to avoid extra costs.

  3. Sell textbooks you purchased at the end of the semester: Our first source for used books is you! If an instructor has requested a textbook for the next semester, the CU Book Store will pay market price until their orders are filled. If the book is not being used, we will contract with a company to buy the book from you for a wholesale price.

For more information on textbooks please visit our textbook FAQ.

Ralphie’s Guide to Understanding Textbooks and Course Materials

Purchased Textbooks

  1. Purchase in-store or online
  2. Pick up in-store, or delivered to you
  3. Bill to Student Tuition and Fee Bill or pay for using card, cash, or check

Rent Textbooks

  1. Purchase in-store or online
  2. Pick up in-store, or delivered to you
  3. Bill to Student Tuition and Fee Bill or pay for using card, cash, or check
  4. These materials need to be returned to the CU Book Store by the return deadline at the end of the semester

Digital Textbooks

  1. Purchase in-store or online
  2. Redemption code delivered to you via email
  3. Bill to Student Tuition and Fee Bill or pay for using card, cash, or check
  4. These materials are a rental and will expire after the advertised amount of time

Day 1 Digital Access

  1. No purchase necessary – you will receive these materials automatically upon enrollment
  2. Delivered digitally via the Canvas Learning Management System
  3. Materials are automatically charged to your Student Tuition & Fee Bill after the add/drop deadline
  4. Access to these materials will expire within a given amount of time after the course ends (varies by course)
  5. For Day 1 Digital Access questions or issues, you can contact [email protected]

Student Tuition and Fee Bill

The CU Book store is the only store where you can charge your purchases to your tuition and fee bill! Student may charge their textbooks, school supplies and technology purchases to their student tuition and fee bill! See store for complete details and visit our tuition and fee bill page for more information.

Technology Educational Discounts

As an educational retailer, the CU Book Store saves students hundreds of dollars on software, as well as offer educational pricing on computers. We offer educational discounts on Apple, Dell, and Lenovo computers. This special pricing is available only to currently enrolled students. The CU Book Store partners with academic departments to carry the technology recommended by your degree program. Find out how we can save you money on computers and accessories.

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