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  1. I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I enter this Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) with the CU Book Store (“CUBS”) of my own free will. I will check in Rented Materials to CUBS at the designated times and locations published on the CUBS website. Any concerns relative to the initial condition of Rented Materials must be addressed within 48 hours of rental.
  3. Failure to Check In: If I fail to check in Rented Materials by the “Rental Check-In Due Date” or attempt to check in Rented Materials in an unsalable condition, I authorize CUBS to charge the Full Replacement Cost to my Student Tuition and Fee Bill and/or credit card in addition to the original rental amount already paid. CUBS is not responsible for reminding student of the check-in due date.
  4. Condition upon check-in: Reasonable highlighting and writing in rented textbooks is permitted and acceptable. All Rented Materials checked in must be in complete and salable condition. This means: no damage to the spine of the book, no liquid damage, and all component parts present. I am responsible for any loss or theft of Rented Materials.
  5. Refunds: CUBS standard refund policies apply. New and used books must be returned in the same condition in which they were rented, which means that any access codes or other sealed materials must be unused and unopened.
  6. Tax: Normal rental rates will apply.
  7. At the end of the semester all Rented Materials must be checked in to a designated, approved location published on the CUBS website. We will accept a shipped rental check-in if it is postmarked by “Rental Check-In Due Date”.
  8. I have read and fully understand the provisions and terms of this agreement as outlined and agree to adhere to all conditions and terms as stated.