CU Book Access: Resources For Students


Not sure how to access your materials? All digital materials will be available in Canvas by the first day of classes and all print materials will be picked up at the CU Book Store. Detailed instructions and links to additional resources are below. Students that need assistance with their Canvas or My Shelf account may contact RedShelf at


If you have questions about participating in the program, contact the CU Book Store at or via live chat.

CU Book Access Quick Start Guide for Students

The CU Book Access program is a university-wide program that provides undergraduate degree-seeking students, access to their required textbooks and coursepacks for a flat-rate cost of $269 (plus tax) per semester fall and spring. Course Materials are provided in a digital-first format (ebooks and publisher courseware) in Canvas. Some courses may have print textbooks included in the program fee.

Accessing digital course materials in Canvas

Step 1: Log into Canvas (

Step 2: Within Canvas, locate the "My Course Materials" link located on the left navigation bar. By clicking this link you’ll be taken to your My Shelf page.

Step 3: For:

  • EbooksNavigate to the eBook you'd like to read, and simply click "Read Now"
  • CoursewareNavigate to the Courseware product you'd like to access and click "Acquire Access Code". After clicking the “Acquire Access Code” button, an alpha-numeric access code will appear. Follow the instructions listed to either paste the access code into a link set up by your instructor right within Canvas, or to paste it within the publisher's website.
  • Codeless Publisher Courseware- If you do not have an "Acquire Access Code" button, this means that your instructor is using a direct link right into the publisher's courseware content. No code required! Simply click "Access Courseware" and you will be routed directly to the appropriate publisher's website to access the content.
  • Printed materials—for course materials that are being provided in print format, please see the steps below.

For additional assistance visit RedShelf Solve

Retrieving printed course materials

Some course materials, including lab manuals and other textbooks may be provided to you as a program participant. To find out if you have print textbooks assigned to you, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check your CU Boulder inbox for an email from the CU Book Store, if you received an email that you have textbooks to pick up see step 2. If you did not receive an email you don’t currently have any print materials.

Step 2: You can also check the status of physical course materials on your My Course Materials tab in Canvas. If you did not receive an email or materials aren’t indicated in Canvas, you don’t currently have any print materials.

Step 3: Present your Buff OneCard to retrieve any assigned print textbooks.

Opt in/Opt out - Checking your program enrollment status

All undergraduate degree-seeking students are enrolled in the CU Book Access program. Opting out is done from Canvas. Detailed instructions for opting in/out and checking your current plan participation status can be found here.

If you have any trouble changing your status, please send an email to with your IdentiKey in the body of the email and the words “CU Book Access opt out” or “CU Book Access opt in” in the subject line.

Additional information on opting out can be found here:

RedShelf Solve 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CU Book Access: Resources for Faculty

Course Materials

For questions about the CU Book Access program or course materials, contact the CU Book Store,

CU Book Access Quick Start Guide for Faculty

The CU Book Access program delivers digital-first course materials directly to undergraduate degree-seeking students on or before the first day of class. If a digital edition is not available, students will be provided with a physical copy. A physical book may be provided upon faculty request when submitting a textbook adoption.

Courses are not required to use Canvas for instruction to participate in the CU Book Access program. Canvas is a single access point for students to access their course materials. Faculty do not need to use Canvas in an instructional capacity.

Participating students will be billed $269 (plus tax) per semester, fall and spring, to their Student Tuition and Fee bill. Students have the option to opt out of the program for the semester or choose the Select Access program and choose which digital materials or print materials (when stocked) they wish to purchase on a material-by-material basis from the CU Book Store.

Content Types

For ebook, coursepacks and non-courseware content: all content access will be delivered to students using the My Course Materials link tool in Canvas. For example, the student opens the My Course Materials link tool in Canvas, and the ebook is displayed. The student clicks on the ebook and is launched into the RedShelf My Shelf  e-reader.

For courseware: courseware content, including integrated ebooks are accessed through publisher specific integrations or URLs. For example, a course using Pearson MyLab, the student would open the MyLab and Mastering tool in Canvas and is then launched to Pearson’s MyLab platform.

Additional Program Information

Teaching Assistants (TA)

Teaching Assistants will have complimentary access to course materials for any applicable course(s). TAs should be marked in Canvas with the role “TA” to enable complimentary access to the course materials. Some courseware may require additional information for TA access. If you use courseware, please reach out to your publisher representative to identify if any additional information is needed regarding TA access to course materials.

Note regarding undergraduate TAs: Undergraduate TAs that are opted-in to CU Book Access will receive complimentary access to your course’s materials but will still be responsible for the full program fee to cover the other participating courses in which they are not a TA.

Accessibility Requests

Users with accessibility requests or questions may visit RedShelf Solve Accessibility Resources.

Syllabus Information

All undergraduate courses are enrolled in the CU Book Access program. Digital course materials are accessed through Canvas and print course materials are distributed through the CU Book Store. You will have access to your digital course materials directly in Canvas once the course opens and you will receive an email from the CU Book Store if you have physical course materials to pick up or this information can be found on your My Course Materials tab in Canvas.

To access your course materials, simply click the 'My Course Materials'  link on the lefthand main navigation bar within Canvas.

If you do not wish to have access to all of your required course materials, you have the option to opt out of the program for the semester or to choose the Select Access program instead and choose which digital materials or print materials (when stocked) you wish to purchase on a material-by-material basis from the CU Book Store. To make these changes, click the 'My Course Materials' link in Canvas and then View Opting Plans. If you opt-out of all of your materials, you will lose access to all digital course materials in all courses as well as any print course materials provided to you as part of the program. If you received any physical textbooks as part of the program, they must be returned to the CU Book Store by Saturday of the fourth week of classes, or you will be charged for them. Please note that you may purchase your materials from the CU Book Store on a material-by-material basis if you choose to opt out of the program. Digital materials may be purchased in Canvas and print textbooks at

Please visit for more information.